Monday, February 17, 2014

FSBO - Homes For Sale by Owner

It is usually very common for most people to turn the sale of their house over to a real estate agent. This is just what many people consider the norm. Have a house to sell? Contact your local agent and get them to list it on the market. Many people stop to think about the possibility of selling their house all by themselves. Some people do consider the idea but they believe that real estate agents are the professionals and as such they will be able to sell it quicker and with much less hassle. There really is no reason why you can't sell your own house. You've probably lived in it for years so you know what makes it special and this means you'll be able to point out features of your property which make it unique and special, increasing the chances that you'll make a sale. FSBO, or 'For Sale By Owner', is the term used when home owners decide to ditch using a real estate agent and sell their own house or land. There are a few very good reasons why you should seriously consider selling your own house and not letting an agent do it.

The biggest advantage of selling your own house is that you are cutting out the middleman. Real estate agents work on the basis of earning money through commissions on the properties they sell. No sale, no commission. This is a good incentive for them to sell your house, but it means that they when they do sell a house they take a large chunk of the sale price in the form of their commission. Selling your house by yourself means you don't need to waste money paying commissions to agents. The price your house sells for is the exact amount you can pocket. Depending on the value of your house, cutting out the middleman or real estate agent could literally translate into tens of thousands of dollars. This alone should be enough to make any home owner seriously consider the idea of selling their own house.

Selling your own house is probably much easier than you may think. One huge advantage you have over a real estate agent is that you know your house better than anyone else. This makes you an excellent salesman when it comes to telling people about what makes your property special. People often react more favourably to a sales pitch when they know it is coming from the heart. It isn't hard to hear from the way someone speaks and talks that they know and feel passionate about something. If you feel as though knowing the ins and outs of your house isn't enough, there are plenty of websites online that will reveal some more cold handed sales tactics that real estate agents use. Selling a property isn't rocket science, and you'll be amazed at just how easy it can be.

If you have a property or house you'd like to sell, why not consider selling it yourself? FSBO is much more profitable and it may even turn out to be faster. Who knows your house better than you do? This makes you a natural at pointing out what is unique about your house and improves the chance of a successful sale. Selling your own house is a great way to pocket commission real estate usually get for yourself and you might actually enjoy it.