Monday, February 17, 2014

Knowing the Duties of a Real Estate Agent

If you're planning on buying your first home, it's advisable to hire an agent as you are probably not familiar with Scottsdale real estate. An agent is someone who will represent you during the home buying process. Make sure that the one you'll be hiring is someone who will always put your best interests first all throughout the transaction.

Agents are paid in various ways; some are compensated for a certain amount agreed upon by the buyer and the agent, while others earn through the commission split between the agents of both the buyer and the seller, based on the price of the house. It's advisable to discuss this to the agent you'll be hiring in the first interview. Both of you should agree to the terms and conditions and sign a contract before beginning the process of home buying. The contract must state all the responsibilities of the parties involved during the transaction.

Buying a new home can be quite complex and there are normally many things that need to be considered. Some people do this all by themselves, but not every one of them succeeded. This is one of the reasons why you should have a skilled agent.

Here are the duties of agents:

- Real estate agents evaluate the buyers' needs and wants and then find available Scottsdale homes for sale that fit these specifications.

- Agents give assistance to buyers in figuring out the amount they can pay for a home and then show houses put up for sale that are within the price range buyers can afford.

- Real estate agents aid in looking at the properties either by going with the buyers during showings or on behalf of the buyers, check the properties if they meet certain specifications.

- Agents check the house selected by the buyer and identify if there are any problems that need to be fixed. This helps the latter make a decision before he/she makes an offer.

- Real estate agents assist buyers on making a purchase offer to present to sellers.

- Agents present the purchase offer to the seller on behalf of the buyer. They make negotiations to successfully get the house the buyer has chosen. Skilled agents consider the buyers' best interests first.

- Real estate agents explain every detail to the buyers, especially the legal complexities of the purchase.

- Agents recommend and assist buyers in securing finances for the chosen property.

- Real estate agents assist buyers until the closing of the transaction.

Knowing these duties of real estate agents will give you a broad view on how beneficial it is to hire an agent when buying your dream home.