Monday, February 17, 2014

Real Estate Marketing Advice - Now is the Time to Get Very Serious About Selling - The R-E Maven

If you truly desire to sell your property now is the time for you and everyone involved to get extremely serious about the sales task.

In the very near future trillions of dollars worth of real estate will be competing with the sale of your real estate. If you do not beat this wave you will find your properties value in decline as you attempt to compete with properties that are for sale at lower prices.

Simple supply and demand will affect your values to go lower. Unfortunately there is no other alternative. An increased supply of homes for sale that the government will be forced to sell at below market prices will drag everyone's values down. The additional demand needed to absorb this enormous amount of housing stock will only be increased if the prices are decreased to such a point that new buyers cannot resist the urge to take advantage of this new opportunity. Take a good look at the current real estate market. Very few homes are selling and the interest rates and selection could not be better. This leaves the only single variable available that can change the current demand to be price and price alone.

So if you are serious about selling your real estate here is what you need to do.
- Move swiftly in order to beat the influx of bargain priced property
- Make sure your marketing is top notch
- Your property is included on all the major Internet sites
- Full assortment of pictures
- Consider video tour
- Pay for better placement on Internet sites if available
- Include great property descriptions
- Use local and regional newspaper Internet ads
- Open houses
- Signage - do not keep the for sale fact a secret- now is not the time
- Price needs to accurate. Do not play the pad the price game. You will lose that and more if you do not more your property soon.
- Analyze your Realtor or agent. If you suspect they are not doing everything in their power to market your property run don't walk to find a better alternative.