Monday, February 17, 2014

Search Results

Savvy home sellers know that the internet is their best source of prospective buyers for their homes. They also know that to get internet traffic in the form of interested home buyers you must have a customized, stand-alone website for your property.

The websites you get with Realtors or with FSBO websites are not customized. In other words they are templates. Google loves custom sites and hates templates since there are thousands of the same type of template sites on the internet.

To get internet traffic to your home's website, get rid of the Realtor website and the FSBO website and get a real estate internet marketing expert to design a website just for your property.

After that, you must do things to make Google aware of your home-for-sale website so it will be ranked high in search results. By that I mean when home buyers search in Google for properties like yours in your geographical area, then your property will be shown in the results and you will get website visitors.

Here are some ways to get Google to send free traffic to your home's website:

  • Create a custom domain name that appeals to your prospective home buyers
  • Use the same words in the website title and in web page tags that buyers use to search for your home
  • Create pages for your home's website that have content that will attract Google's attention
  • Get the word out on the internet about your property website by posting information about it, with a link, on forums and blogs in your area
  • Create a little buzz about your property by publicizing it for free on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and 30 other social bookmarking and social networking sites.

If you do all of these things along with a total web marketing strategy for your home, your home's website will be ranked high in Google Search Results and you will have a steady stream of interested buyers looking at your home.